HIV Cure Facts

HIV Cure

  • There is no HIV cure. Though this is the case, there is HIV medication that can help you live a long healthy life.
  • A lot of research is going on to create functional cures that reduce the virus to undetectable levels.
  • There is also medical research working on sterilizing cures that will get rid of the HIV virus completely.
  • There are HIV vaccines on trial that are quite encouraging though they have partial protection.

Is There A Cure For HIV

There is no cure for HIV at the moment. Though this is the case, there are treatment options that will help people living with HIV live longer healthy lives. If you think you have been exposed to HIV, you should get a HIV testing. If the results are positive, it is important that you start treatment immediately. The treatment will make sure that the body can fight other infections and will reduce the chances of transmission.

Will There Ever Be A HIV Cure?

Researchers and medical scientists are working around the clock and believe that we will have a cure in the near future. Some scientists are working on sterilizing cures while others are working on functional cures. Reliable data shows that there is no herbal or alternative HIV cure. We can say that there will never be an AIDS cure because it is not the virus; it is a set of symptoms. The following are some of the cures that are in progress:

Functional HIV Cure

A functional cure is supposed to suppress the virus amount in the body such that the virus cannot cause any illness and cannot be detectable. This should not be confused with what antiretroviral therapy can do. In functional cures, the virus will be suppressed once and for all without a need for daily medication.

Sterilizing Cures

When most people talk about a HIV cure, they are referring to a sterilizing cure. This is a type of cure that eliminates the virus completely. The elimination will also focus on reservoirs where the virus can hide. The Berlin Patient, and now the London Patient, are the only two people who have ever been cured of HIV. In these two cases, the patients went through bone marrow transplants as a treatment measure for cancer. The donor in these cases exhibited genetic resistance. The two cases have now become a major focus in HIV cure development. Though the two might have been cured, the cure is not viable because of its complex nature. It is however, a great step in the quest to find a cure for this virus.

What Are The Main Approaches In The Search For A Cure For HIV?

  • Most Scientists are focusing on activate and eradicate methods which will flush out the virus from reservoirs and kill the infected cells.
  • Gene editing is also one of the points of research which it can alter the immune cells to give the resistance to the virus.
  • Immune modulation is also another method to change the immune system and give it strength to fight off the infection.
  • Cell transplant is a replacement of cells with donor cells that are resistant to HIV. This particular approach is still not safe and is quite complex.

HIV Vaccine

There are some HIV vaccines that are in the trial process and are quite promising. Currently, the vaccines only provide partial protection which is not yet satisfactory. For the vaccines to work, they need to be combined with other prevention methods.

Before The Cure Comes…

Before scientists come up with a proper cure that works, we can only take care of ourselves. For those who are living with HIV, it’s important to follow treatment regimens to stay healthy and to suppress the virus. It is also important to use HIV dating websites to make dating a better experience.